Shifter's Desire

A heartbroken Rolf experiments with interspecies dating and makes a new friend who endangers everyone.

It’s been a hot minute since his girlfriend’s dramatic departure, and Rolf Byrd is crushed. Senior year was supposed to be spectacular, but instead of spending Homecoming with his dream girl, Rolf hangs out with her dog. To make matters worse, Desperate Dawn is finished, and without his short film to work on, Rolf feels aimless.

When his sister calls him from the Rancho Bernardo Inn, Rolf rushes to Dory’s rescue. The Ferrells have Dory surrounded, and she retaliates by capturing their rat prince, Nick Ratonie. Nick claims to have valuable information that will bring down Rolf and Dory’s worst enemy, but he wants a favor in return.

Rolf will do anything for revenge—even trust a Ferrell. But when wild parties and a hot new girlfriend get Rolf in trouble, he wonders if his alliance with Nick is worth it. The three shifter families have a complicated relationship that stretches across centuries. Can a dog ever become friends with a rat?

Lick old wounds. Make new friends. Hound the enemy. It’s a good thing that Rolf can hunt like a dog.

One click takes you to SHIFTER’S DESIRE!

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