When fifteen-year-old Kayla Dexter “gets dumped” by her best friend since third grade, she reinvents herself using books, boys, and revenge.

Kayla is intense, sincere, and sincerely intense. She’s thrilled to be starting tenth grade at La Jolla Prep Academy, even though she doesn’t have nearly as much money as her classmates. Thankfully, Kayla’s best friend Amanda Swenson helps her blend in.

But when Kayla unintentionally offends new girl Victoria Lancer, she discovers just how mean high school girls can be. Kayla’s rise to YouTube stardom happens in the worst possible way. The cruelest part is that Amanda sides with Victoria.

Kayla’s circumstances change for the better when she dates Logan Robinson, a junior who brings an instant group of friends with him. But a disastrous night at Winter Formal helps Kayla discover something important: the only hero she needs is herself.

So with her diary in one hand and a pocket recording device in the other, Kayla captures all of the moments that matter. Victoria better watch out! Kayla’s line between justice and revenge is thin. When La Jolla Prep Academy hears what’s on Kayla’s computer, everyone will take notice… including Amanda.

Read Kayla’s diary today!

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